Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs for Young Adults

Getting a grasp of personal finance can be a struggle, especially when your paychecks are small. But when you don’t have a lot of money to spare, it is even more important that you have your expenses, payments, and income streams under control. For someone without much experience with personal finance, this can be a real struggle.

Thankfully, our access to the internet makes everything just a little bit easier. If you’re ready to create a personal finance plan but you’re not quite sure how to begin, personal finance blogs can be a great place to start. No matter your interests, personal situation, or income, there is a blog to help you create a finance plan that fits within your needs.

In addition to Money Goody, here are some of the best personal finance blogs for young adults!

1. Millennial Money Man

After paying off $40,000 in just two years on a high school teacher’s salary, Millennial Money Man knows what he is talking about. He creates his blog posts around four ideas: live below your means, don’t finance what you don’t need, do things differently, and work hard.

millennial money man - personal finance blog

Why We Love It: Millennial Money Man shows us that you living debt free isn’t just for the wealthy. Even if you don’t begin with a high paying job, you still have the power to tackle your debt. With Millennial Money Man, his situation wasn’t different, his approach was.

Who Should Read It: Anyone who is in need of a little tough love. Millennial Money Man isn’t going to sugar coat his advice for fear of hurting his readers’ feelings. Instead, he focuses on “anti-entitlement advice” to bring millennials back to reality.

2. Afford Anything

Afford Anything works on the idea that you can buy anything you want, but not everything. It all comes down to choice, and when you’re dealing with your own finances, you need to get realistic about the choices that you make. Afford Anything focuses on creating financial independence in order to live the life you want.

Afford Anything - Personal Finance Blog

Why We Love It: Afford Anything refuses to believe that it is necessary to live within the confines of a typical 9-to-5 job. She lives a life that may of us dream of and teaches us how to make it true for ourselves.While money is crucial for everyone, there is no one way to live life. With Afford Anything, you get the opportunity to look at ways to develop the financial independence you need to live the life you want.

Who Should Read It: Afford Anything looks at three different kinds of readers. First, the “Novice,” who is new to the idea that money and freedom are connected. Second comes the “Investor,” who already has some healthy finances but is ready to start putting cash into stocks and seeing it grow. Lastly, the “Adventurer,” who is serious about leaving the standard work life behind to be financially free. Afford Anything can be a great read through many years of growing your financial profile.

3. Broke Millennial

Unlike many millennials, the author behind Broke Millennial isn’t actually broke. But she understands that it is a struggle for many, many young adults. For that reason, she’s created a interesting and easy to read blog to appeal to her peers.

Broke millennial - personal finance blog

Why We Love It: Broke Millennial has somehow managed to take a blog about finance and make it personal, fun, and easy to follow. When you read Broke Millennial’s posts, you’ll feel like you’re talking to a friend.

Who Should Read It: For anyone who is ready to get serious about their financial planning but gets bored with the stuffy writing of corporate blogs, Broke Millennial can give you a good base. The information she covers is simple, clear, and doesn’t get too technical, which is perfect for anyone without a strong financial background.

4. Mint

Mint is the go-to finance tool for many young adults, and for that reason their blog needed to find its way onto our list.

mint blog - personal finance blog

Why We Love It: Mint is the leader in all things financial planning and budgeting, so you know you’re getting professional advice when you read their posts. They have tons of categories to help you in whatever area you need, including goals, planning, and investing.

Who Should Read It: There is something for everyone at Mint. Whether you’re just starting to look for a way to get your money in order or you’re ready to start saving for something more serious, Mint can help you along every walk of life.

5. The Budget Babe

With the tagline “Fab Without a Fortune,” The Budget Babe is all about looking like you’re rich and famous without actually needing to be rich and famous.

The Budget Babe - Personal Finance Blog

Why We Love It: The Budget Babe believes you shouldn’t have to look like you’re living on a budget, even if you are. They provide tips for living fabulously on a budget in a variety of different areas of life, including fashion, beauty, décor, and more.

Who Should Read It: Anyone who isn’t willing to let go of their personal style because of their budget. If you’re looking for ways to look great without spending a ton of money, The Budget Babe will help you with everything from finding deals to repurposing your old items.

6. Get Rich Slowly

The authors behind Get Rich Slowly know that the money doesn’t stack up quickly for many people, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still get rich. With the right understanding of money and financial planning, anyone can build up the finances they’ve always dreamed of.

Get Rich Slowly - Personal Finance Blog

Why We Love It: Get Rich Slowly isn’t going to try and trick you to believe you’ll be a millionaire before your 30th birthday. They take a realistic and practical approach to all things finance to help you understand that there is a financing plan that works for your life.

Who Should Read It: Anyone struggling to get a grasp on their finances and what it all means. If you want friendly and helpful advice at a slow pace, Get Rich Slowly can help you through the process.

7. Budgets Are Sexy

The writer behind Budgets Are Sexy may be a finance expert, but he certainly doesn’t fit the mold. Instead of a suit, J. Money rocks a mohawk and sunglasses – which just goes to show that finance and budgeting isn’t just for one kind of person.

Budgets Are Sexy - Personal Finance Blog

Why We Love It: Budgets Are Sexy fights the idea that budgets and finance need to be boring. In writing in a new and exciting way, Budgets Are Sexy attracts a new kind of crowd that is ready to learn how to manage their money.

Who Should Read It: Budgets Are Sexy has a lot of information for anyone looking to grow their financial portfolio, but it really drags in a crowd that doesn’t feel to fit in with the typical “finance” crowd. If you want to know about retirement plans, finance, and budgets from someone who doesn’t remind you of your dad, check out Budgets Are Sexy.

8. The College Investor

Like many Millennials, student loans are what drove the author behind The College Investor to figure out his financial situation. Now, he turns his own experiences into practical advice for others going through the same thing.

The College Investor - Personal Finance Blog

Why We Love It: The College Investor doesn’t believe you’re ever too young to start getting serious about your financial situation. You don’t need to wait until you’re living a cushioned lifestyle to start thinking about your investments, but The College Investor is going to teach you to be smart about it.

Who Should Read It: If you’re ready to start investing but you’re not sure how, The College Investor will take you through the ropes. He lays out the information in a way that is easy to follow and interesting so you can follow right along.

9. Money Peach

The author behind Money Peach went from living paycheck to paycheck before finally deciding he needed to make a change before something bad happened. For many Millennials, Money Peach shows that it is a possibility.

Money Peach - Personal Finance Blog

Why We Love It: Money Peach keeps the categories simple, including budgeting, paying off debt, saving money, making money, life and money, and success stories. While he keeps his categories basic, his lessons are anything but. He is insightful and interesting and committed to help.

Who Should Read It: Money Peach is fun, young, and fresh. While he shares a lot of similar information to the big name blogs, you don’t get the feeling it’s an old man in a suit trying to appeal to the Millennials. Instead, you’re getting help right from the source.

10. Frugalwoods

Frugalwoods helps you to stay within your financial means by teaching you to live simply.

Frugalwoods - Personal Finance Blog

Why We Love It: Many personal blogging sites teach you how to get more for less, but with Frugalwoods, you learn to need less to spend less. Rather than tricking others into believing you’re rolling in the dough, you start to consider what you truly need to live happily.

Who Should Read It: Anyone who is a fan of simpler things, no matter if you live in the country or the city. Frugalwoods teaches you how to need less, get what you need, and spend the minimum.

With the help of these blogs and more, you can be on your way to financial stability. Stop fearing a budget, read a few of these recommended posts, or go searching for personal finance blogs that fit your needs and lifestyle. There is no one way to finance your life, you just need to find what works for you.

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