Student Loan Debt Crisis By The Numbers (Infographic)

We all know there's a problem with student loan debt in this country. You might've joked about it before, or heard politicians talk about it when they're trying to get your vote. But the reality is the amount of debt that students and graduates (myself included) are in is serious.

To illustrate just how bad the situation is, I grabbed these statistics gathered by Student Loan Hero and put it into an infographic. Check it out below, and read on for more insight.​

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Student Loan Debt Statstics Infographic

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Here are some of the standout stats:

  • Total U.S student loan debt: $1.26 trillion
  • Number of American with student loan debt: 43.3 million
  • Average monthly student loan payment: $351
  • Number of student loan borrowers in default: 3.9 million
  • Student loan provider with the most debt: AES-Pheaa ($155.7 billion)
  • Percentage of graduates from public college with loans: 66%
  • Percentage of graduates from for-profit colleges with loans: 88%
  • Percentage of total student loan debt used for graduate school: 40%

I'll admit, these numbers are pretty depressing to look at. But the good part is we have an opportunity to flip things around. In addition to doing your part by paying off your loans, there are a ton of organizations fighting for student loan reform for a more long-term solution.

My blog is mostly about saving money and trying to increase your wealth, which will ultimately help you pay off your loans. But if you want more tips specifically on dealing with student loans, check out Student Loan Hero. I'm not affiliated or sponsored by them. I just like their mission and they have great resources for people trying to pay off their student loans.

Share this infographic with as many people as possible. The student loan debt situation doesn't just affect the students who took out the loans. When you have millions of people defaulting on loans and being delinquent on their payments, it starts to impact the economy as a whole.

Let's try to spread awareness of the situation and move to solve the problem.

Just how bad is the student loan debt crisis? This infographic breaks it down... #StudentLoanGoals

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