how to save money on shaving razors

When thinking about saving money, razors probably weren't at the top of your list. Surprisingly, your daily shave could be costing you upwards of $100 per year when you use disposables.

​Many companies are now offering affordable razor plans that are perfect for young professionals living on a budget. Use the following tips for saving money on razors and never have to worry about going to work with a scruffy face:

​Don't Go to a Barber for a Shave

​You see them all over New York City and in other large cities across the country. Barber shops that not only cut your hair but will also give you a nice clean shave, for a hefty fee of $15 or more.

​Shaving can be dramatically expensive, especially if you go to a barber twice a week. Young professionals living on entry level salaries can barely big city haircut prices, let alone a shave twice a week. When you get your haircut at the barbershop, leave the shave out.

​With a $15 cost per shave, you could be saving yourself over $1500 per year by purchasing your own razors and shaving at home.

​Order Razors Online

​Instead of shopping for razors in a store, many folks are turning to the Internet for their shaving supply. Many startups are now offering affordable shaving plans for as little as $3 per month, including shipping. The first pack even comes with a free handle that you can use for life.

Dollar Shave Club is insanely popular.​

​This is dramatically lower than the $100 consumers are used to paying, most likely because traditional razors bought in the store always come with a new handle. In many instances, consumers have paid as little as $25 per year when they purchased their razors online and had them mailed directly to their home.

​Over the last few years, multiple companies have entered the razor mailing party. Some offer to send you discounted razors from name brand companies while others manufacture their own razors and charge you a lot less. In most cases, the quality of the razor won't differ if you buy from a company that makes their own however, you should see if they'll send you a sample before you buy a large pack of their items.

​Look for Discounts in Stores

​If you do prefer to purchase your razors in stores, always look for discounts and coupons. Like any other item, major retailers will provide deep discounts, especially during major holidays throughout the year.

​Most of the stores that offer large razor discounts and coupons are big box stores, mixed retailers and pharmacies. If you have a special membership with any of these stores, you'll be able to maximize your savings even more.

To make it easier, before you head to the store, look for coupons online and print them out. Don't always stick to one brand of razor or you'll miss out on the great money saving deals.

​Sharpen your Razors at Home

​While not the most ideal way of saving money on razors, it is possible to actually sharpen your current razors at home. Self sharpening can increase the life of your razor to six months per piece.

​To get started, you'll need only a pair of jeans and your razor. Place the jeans flat on a table and begin to shave your jeans, just like you would your face. Repeat the same motion at least 20 times in each direction for maximum sharpness.

​You won't ruin your jeans and your razors will shave like new again. If you repeat this process for a standard pack of razors, you won't have to buy razors for years to come.

​Stay Away from Expensive Brands

​Finding a razor that works can be an extremely daunting task because there are so many to choose from.

​If you want to find razors at great prices, save yourself the headache and stay away from brand name pieces. There are plenty of generic items that have just as much bladed as the expensive brands offer but for drastically reduced prices. You might not need four or five blades to get a decent shave anyway.

Always Try Multiple Brands​

​If you must stick with the name brand razors, the best way to find the best product for the lowest price is to purchase one of each. Over the course of the week, every time you shave, use a razor from a different brand.

​Once you've found a brand that works for you best, look for discounts online and in stores, and purchase enough to last you for an entire year. Even though you're not buying generic razors, you can still save a significant amount of money if you buy in bulk and you buy at the right time.